Six paid survey sites open to South Africans

Have you been looking for a legitimate site that offers paid surveys to South Africans without success? If yes, today is your lucky day because I am going to give you six websites that you can use to complete interesting surveys and make some some extra money. So, let us get started right away – and in no particular order:

Global Test Market

According to the information shared on, the site gave out over $30 million plus in cash prizes to their worldwide members in 2016. Owned and run by Lightspeed Research, a company with headquarters in Bridgewater Township, New Jersey, USA, enables users to make money by completing interesting surveys. Users will earn points per completed survey that they can then redeem for cash once they accumulate at least 1100 points ($50). Apart from cash, the site offers other types of rewards as well, which include gift vouchers that can be used to buy products on Amazon, and other stores including Macy’s as well as Kohl’s. Plus, you may donate your rewards to charity (UNICEF) if you would like to help impact someone’s life.

One disadvantage of the platform, however, is that the type of reward that of reward available for a user will depend on the country where they live. For instance, cash rewards are not available for all countries, which I feel is somehow discriminatory. Another disadvantage is that the site is available to North American and European markets only.

Ipanel Online

Ipanel Online is one of the most popular platform online platforms for paid surveys that are based in Shanghai. Users can earn points, which can be converted into PayPal cash, gift cards, e-vouchers, and more by participating in several different types of surveys. These include telephone surveys, online surveys, and mobile surveys not to mention posting opinions on the forum board. While most surveys will reward between 60 and 80 points, some special surveys will attract between 150 and 300 points or higher points up to 1000 points each. Besides participating in surveys, users will earn points by bringing in new users who then complete a survey.

Nevertheless, users can redeem their points for PayPal cash, e-vouchers, gift cards, virtual game credits and more with a relatively low minimum redemption threshold of 500 points.

Palm Research

Besides Global Test Market, Toluna and Ipanel, is another legitimate website for paid surveys. Run by a California, USA based company called Palm Research; the website allows users from any part of the world earn money by participating in online surveys, focus groups or completing product reviews. Surveys are relatively simple and generally take about 6 to 12 minutes to complete per survey. Focus groups, however, are more time demanding, requiring up to 2 hours to complete a survey. Product reviews solely depend on the instructions that each project comes with though.

While cash rewards range from $0.50 and $0.75 to $1 per job, compensation is solely based on the amount of time spent to complete a job. It goes without saying that members will receive up to three jobs per day individually. Last but not least, the checkout threshold is $10 with PayPal being the only means of receiving payments.

Panel Station

The Panel Station was founded in 2008 by Praveen Gupta and is a large global panel based in India with over 5 million members.

Each survey will earn you between 500 and a 5,000 points. Once you reach 3,000 points you can redeem your rewards. Panelists can earn money via PayPal or shopping vouchers.

When you are ready to redeem you will need to email Panel Station. Once approved it can take a few weeks to be paid. Panel Station has a strong anti-fraud system and so it may take some time to verify.


SurveyOasis is administered by a global panel company based in Sweden. They offer higher cash rewards compared to other sites with a chance to make up to 5 USD per completed survey (if you are based in the USA, amounts may be lower in other countries). Nonetheless, they will allow users to withdraw payments to PayPal once they accumulate a $7 balance, which is fairly reasonable. They also offer Virtual Visa or Gcodes rewards if you prefer that.

Survey Oasis, gives users the power to express their opinions on a wide range of interesting topics, including social issues, politics, as well as products and get paid for doing so. Imagine getting paid for giving your two cents on your favorite topic!

Toluna Influencers

The platform with over 21 million users in more than 50 nations across the globe is provided by a France based company called Toluna Influencers. The website gives members the power to provide their opinions and feedback to help influence some of the world’s biggest brands such as Coca Cola, Sony Music, Amazon and CBS.

Toluna offers a variety of rewards, ranging from PayPal cash and gift certificates to sweepstakes, depending on the amount of points earned. For example, PayPal payments begin at 90,000 points, which can be redeemed for $30. Gift tokens, which can be exchanged for a wide variety of items worth $10, start at 30,000 points. Sweepstakes entries, on the other hand, can be redeemed for a relatively small number of points. Entries, which are earned automatically by participating in various surveys or purchased via the reward center for 500 points, can be converted into cash or redeemed for various items, including electronics.

Final Thoughts

Global Test Market, Toluna Influencers, Ipanel Online, Palm Research and Survey Oasis are survey websites you can try. Each site is legitimate and has a low minimum payout threshold. Plus, each site offers incredible and relatively interesting surveys not to mention that some sites offer a more rewards than cash, including gift tokens, sweepstakes and so on.

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