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How to store gold bullion – six different options

gold safe

Unfortunately, many people don’t buy gold because they think it’s too difficult to store. Yes, gold bars and coins take up a lot of space, but there are plenty of places you can store them. Here are six places to store your gold. 1. Bank vault Storing your gold in a bank vault is one of the safest options. The downside is that not all banks offer this service, and those that do usually restrict customers to a certain amount of gold. For example, Wells Fargo’s gold […]

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How to Invest in Gold ETFs and Protect Your Portfolio

Gold bars

Gold is often seen as a safe investment during uncertain economic times. One way to invest in gold is through exchange-traded funds (ETFs). Gold ETFs are a type of security that tracks the price of gold and can be bought and sold on stock exchanges. Here’s what you need to know about investing in gold ETFs. What are Gold ETFs? Gold ETFs are a type of security that tracks the price of gold and can be bought and sold on stock exchanges. They are designed to provide […]

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Big business to be hit with 15% minimum tax by G7 – but will it end there?

According to a Fox News article from the 5th of June 2021, “Big Tech may face some of the most significant impact of a proposed 15% minimum corporate tax rate that finance ministers for the G7 nations meeting in London supported Saturday.” Of course big companies could simply try to work out other ways to move profits outside of the USA and other G7 countries to smaller countries and tax havens. However, if the Obama administrations bullying of Switzerland on the issue of secret bank accounts is […]

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As Trump Touts His Great COVID Drugs, the Pharma Cash Flows to Biden, Not Him

Jay Hancock, Kaiser Health News October 9, 2020 Pharmaceutical giants Regeneron and Gilead Sciences got the kind of publicity money can’t buy this week after President Donald Trump took their experimental drugs for his coronavirus infection, left the hospital and pronounced himself fully recovered. “It was, like, unbelievable. I felt good immediately,” Trump said Wednesday in a tweeted video. “I call that a cure.” He praised Regeneron’s monoclonal antibody cocktail, which mimics elements of the immune system, and mentioned a similar drug under investigation by Eli Lilly […]

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San Francisco Residents Fleeing at an Unprecedented Rate, a moving company booking website, just released new data from their online Moving Cost Calculator. Out of roughly 1,200 moving searches involving the San Francisco-Bay Area, almost 90% have been for move requests of people looking to leave the region. Among Bay Area residents, Los Angeles and Austin were the two most popular destinations. Ryan Carrigan, co-founder and CEO of, said, “To put this into perspective, during the same period last year, only 57% of relocation searches involving the San Francisco-Bay Area were outbound. This year, 90% […]

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New Yorkers Look to Move to Suburbs: New Data Shows 250% Increase in Searches

ATHENS, Ga., April 17, 2020 ( –, a moving company booking website, just-released new data from their online Moving Cost Calculator showing an almost 250% increase in searches by New York City residents looking to move to suburbs within 90 minutes of the city. Ryan Carrigan, co-founder and CEO of, said, “In normal times the majority of searches for relocations out of NYC would be to other major cities like San Francisco, LA, Philly, DC… While we’re still seeing plenty of interest in moving to other […]

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Five Paid Survey Sites in the USA to supplement your income

Have you been looking for a legitimate site that offers paid surveys via PayPal without success? If yes, today is your lucky day because I am going to give you 5 websites that you can use to complete interesting surveys and make some good money. So, let us get started right away – and in no particular order: Global Test Market According to the information shared on, the site gave out over $30 million plus in cash prizes to their worldwide members in 2016. Owned and […]

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Zantac scare draws attention to the problems with heartburn (GERD) treatments

Heartburn (GERD)

CVS announced on Saturday that that they were pulling Zantac from shelves after the FDA detected a cancer causing chemical called NDMA in the drug. This chemical is used in industries such as the rubber, dye and surfactant industries. Persistent exposure to large amounts of NDMA in humans results in liver damage and low platelet counts. Wallgreens has joined CVS and Right Aid in moving to remove the drug. According to Fox News the companies have said that customers may return the drugs for a refund. Zantac […]

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