Money Conservative is a personal finance site dedicated to a more conservative view of finance.

There is no “something for nothing”; whether earning money, budgeting, saving or investing. Hard work is important – there are no honest shortcuts or get rich quick schemes that work.

If you run a business, the same hard work principal applies. If you take short cuts, over promise or make exaggerated claims of quality, it is essentially stealing. It might not be apparent initially, but eventually it will catch up with you.

The same goes for free offers. If something is offered for ‘free’ remember there is likely a catch. As the author James Hadley Chase’s famous novel title puts it “There is always a price tag”.

When it comes to spending, wisdom and self control are cornerstones, and that is why budgeting is emphasized on this website.

Ultimately Money Conservative aims to provide a wiser, lower risk approach to earning, saving and investing money.